Jeremy Allen is a British multi-instrumentalist composer who writes emotional music that is at times ambient and others percussive, as well as a rock-infused sound for documentaries, film & television, and new media.

In early 2010, he sold his furniture, packed his belongings and resigned from his job as a journalist and set off for California. All this to concentrate on his true calling: music.

His most recent work includes writing the music for astronomy iPhone application Cosmos Story, released both in French and English. He also wrote the score for documentary "Il fait plus froid dehors que dedans" about the human challenges and camaraderie involved in preparing for a yearly swimming race in the ice cold December waters of Lake Geneva.

Jeremy has always been passionate about creating music and specialises in drums and percussion. He started playing the drumkit in his early teens before teaching himself guitar. During his travels, he learned to play darbuka and djembe while in Africa, didgeridoo in Australia (as a teacher of this Aboriginal instrument). He also plays piano and bass guitar.

After sidelining his journalism career (although he still writes the occasional article), he travelled to San Francisco to study music production at Pyramind and worked at Outpost, a post production and music composition studio.

Jeremy has also played live percussion/drums alongside various artists, including Ibiza-based Deep House DJ Angel Cielo. Together they played at the world-famous Café del Mar in Ibiza and they also toured and performed in clubs and music festivals around Europe.